It’s late in the evening and time to sleep. 

What a pity… but wait! No one’s around. 

Come on, let’s play with the bed sheets! ¬

Look! What a beautiful jungle! What a tiger! 

Be careful not to fall into the lake!

Hey! This is not a book this is a magical sleep! 

This wordless book shows family relation, collaboration, and friendship by the help of the nostalgia of jumping on pillows and blankets or beds before bedtime! 

This book was written and illustrated by me and published by Tuti publishing house in 2021. It was translated and published in Turkish in the same year.

also, this book was introduced as one of the best 200 books in the White Ravens list in 2022 by the international children’s books in Germany.


Author and Illustrator: Mahsa Hedayati

Client: Tuti, Ketebe

language: Persian, Turkish

Release date: 2021

Age group: 3-6



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