About Artist


Mahsa Hedayati is a Tehran-based illustrator and author of children’s books. Mahsa works predominately in the medium of storytelling, drawing, and illustrating. And she values her first drawings from the simple pages of her childhood drawing book.

Her works have been exhibited in various international exhibitions in countries such as France, Estonia, Ukraine, Serbia, China, Italy as well as Iran. Also, her works have been selected for some International festivals like the Ukraine Cow Festival, China Golden Pinwheel, and the International Children-spectator Contest in Bologna, Italy.

Mahsa has been the recipient of numerous awards, including White Raven in 2021, the first award from the Brightness illustration contest in 2020, and the second award from the 3rd Iranian picture book contest called “Dastan” in 2017.

Her art focuses on developmental psychology, and the mental health of early childhood. She has also illustrated books with combining the sense of imagination with realism. She is looking for conveying her feelings to her audience through her works. The themes of her works are inspired by her own family relationships and with the inspirations from different sources like human beings, nature, and animals she creates her books. As an artist She hopes that through her pictures she will be able to introduce peace and friendship to all the children of the world and she continue this goal with a significant cultural approach for mix-age audiences.

At the moment she is negotiating her completed and unpublished works and in the near future, Currently, she is working on her new book.

She holds an M.A. in illustration and a B.A. in Graphic design both of which are from Tehran University.


Selected Awards

  • Nominated as one of the best in the White Raven list, Germany, 2022
  • Selected as one of the best by the Children’s book council, Iran, 2022
  • Selected of the Lakposhteparandeh Prize, Iran, 2021
  • Winner of the 19th edition of the Roshd Book Festival, Iran, 2021
  • The Appreciation Work of  20th Shahid Ghanipour Literary Award, Iran, 2021
  • Selected in the Children Spectators Contest in Bologna, Italy, 2021
  • Winner of first place in the Brightness Illustration Award, Iran, 2020
  • Selected in the COW illustration festival, Ukraine, 2020
  • Selected in 6th Tallinn Illustration Triennial, Estonia, 2020
  • Winner of second place in the 3rd Iranian Picture Book Contest, Iran, 2017
  • Selected in Golden Pinwheel young illustrators competition, China, Shanghai, 2016
  • Selected in COW International Design Festival, Ukraine, 2015



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