Mama Sea

“Mama sea” does not like to be alone. she is always there looking for her typical quests; birds, seagulls, people but wait! look there! Two ducks are approaching with a mysterious basket! What could it be in there? This wordless book with an emotional and interesting plot has a fantasy genre and it is suitable… Continue reading Mama Sea

Mr. Night

    This is Mr. Night! Full of light, color, dance, and joy! Travel through your dreams! This book with a vivid narrative and fantasy look leads the children on an imaginary and poetic journey by using the element of defamiliarization. The story is about a wandering boy who works in the streets from early… Continue reading Mr. Night

My annoying brother

There is no enough space for both of us in this room! No no no! It’s not indeed! But no one listens! This book is about two brothers in a family who share the same bedroom. We know this familiar complaint of most siblings in their adolescence. The subject matter of this book focuses on… Continue reading My annoying brother